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Q & A

Russia's winter

Is it comfortable to plan a trip in Russia during winter? How cold is it? Can we do a business in a comfortable way?


How can I start a business knowing that corruption in Russia is everywhere?

Translation of my web site

I need to translate my web site in Russian asap, can You do that?

What does "Kruto" mean in Russian?

What does "Kruto" mean in Russian?

English-speaking personal guide in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

We are a family of 3 and are planning to visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg for 5 days. What programme can you suggest?

What is the cost of bookkeeping for businesses in Russia?

We have a small structure (LLC) in Moscow, we have just started our business and do not yet have a large turnover. 

What is the cost of opening a business in Russia?

We need to create a structure to launch our activity. How should we proceed and how much would it cost, how long does it take?

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