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What is the cost of opening a business in Russia?

We need to create a structure to launch our activity. How should we proceed and how much would it cost, how long does it take?


Creation and registration of a business in Russia is a well-tuned and regulated procedure; our legal experts will bring you quick and qualified help on the matter.
If the documents you submit for business registration are correctly prepared, your business can be registered within about 2 weeks.

The basic issues that need to be settled before you apply for registration are:
- company legal address
- general director (if a non-Russian citizen is appointed, he or she will need to obtain a work permit);
- business legal form: in Russia these are LLC, CJSC, JSC.

Based on these factors, our legal experts will prepare the constituent acts and other necessary documents, thus you will be able to launch the creation your company in Russia.

The cost of your business creation will depend on all the mentioned parameters and varies greatly. The minimum amount is of around 1400 Euros for company registration, but can be much higher if the project is complicated.

We are also contacted for opening of representative offices for foreign companies in Russia: this is a separate case.

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