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Private tours with local guide in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Your private guided tours in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and German. 


We will offer you an interesting and individual program for exploring the two Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg. From the most classic sites (the Must See Tour) to the unusual and atypical, something that is not included in standard guides or programs (Your Custom Tour).

Whatever option you choose from our program, you can rest assured that the approach will be interesting and original, and be provided by a local guide with an excellent knowledge of his/her city.

Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman)   Your personal guide in Saint-Petersburg in English, Spanish and Portuguese

All excursions can be either on foot or in a comfortable car.

Our Spanish and Portuguese speaking guides in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg work with guests from any country – both from Europe (Portugal, Spain) and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc.).

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We have all the required accreditations and authorizations for museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg, so you need not worry about ordering tickets for excursions to the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, and other attractions.

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You can choose from any of the options listed below, or request a program based on your personal preferences and interests.

Stalin's Moscow

Was it a dictatorship of the proletariat or an illness of one man?

The Stalin epoch is one of the most contradictory and rough periods in the Russian history. It was a time of mass hypnosis and propaganda inspired by a few individuals. How did Stalin's personality influence the Soviet society, science, culture of the country? What happened to Moscow under the pressure of his dictatorship? We can investigate this in different conditions (from the GULAG museum to the secret Stalin's bunker situated in a dormitory suburb on the East of Moscow).

The avarage tour's duration: 4-8 hours

The excursion with a local private guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German

Belle époque in Moscow (walk)

Railway Station of Yaroslavl, 1902, O. ShehtelIsakov's House 1902-1904, Lev KekushevRyabushinsky's house, 1902, O. ShehtelHotel Metropol, 1905, William ValkotShehtel's family House 1896; actually - Urugvay's Ambassy

The epoch of Art Nouveau and its heroes in Moscow. What are the traces of this great style in the architecture of Moscow, painting, sculpture, poetry? This walk for Tiffany natures includes a view of modern style frontispieces of mansions and the tenement buildings erected in the modern style in Arbat lanes, as well as visiting of house museums of former Arbat inhabitants: the sculptor A.S. Golubkina, the composer A.N. Skryabin and the female poet M.I. Tsvetayeva.

Avarage tout duration: 4-8 hours


Moscow eclecticism

Moscow is one of the most eclectic cities in the world. It easily digests any foreign elements and transforms them into purely Moscow ones... The best example of this are Kremlin walls – these classics of Italian Renaissance are considered by Muscovites to be very ''Russian''. The city shelters a Chinese pagoda (Perlov's house) and the monument of Peter the Great, or ''PertoColumbus'', as some people call it. In Moscow, you  can often see  a medieval temple neighboring oan ugly pre-engineered building, or a modern housing estate right beside five-storeyed buildings erected during the period of Khrushchev housing reform. We will show you the most vivid examples (including the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin located among manufacturing buildings of the ZIL factory, the Temple of Cossma and Daminan and its background, the Novy Arbat street and the Perlov's house).

The religious Moscow: what do Russians believe in?

What did Russians believe over the history of the country? (The path from Paganism to the Orthodoxy and atheism). Pagan heritage. The Conversion of Russia. Is the difference between the Orthodoxy and the Catholicism so great? Or between the Orthodoxy and the Paganism? Representation of other confessions in Moscow. What was the substitute for the prohibited Orthodoxy within the Soviet epoch?

The excursion includes visits to the Novo-Devichy convent, the Synagogue in the Spasoglinishchevsky lane, one of the most ancient Moscow temples – Saint-Trifon Church, and the frontispiece of the Armenian autocephalous church which is currently under construction.

Make your discovering with a local private guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese or German.

The Avant-garde Moscow

It was a unique period in the Moscow architecture as in the 20s Moscow was the world leader of Avant-garde. This was a rare period when Moscow was setting the style of the world architecture. We will visit the best buildings erected by leading Avant-garde architects in Moscow, and see its reincarnations and new forms.

Visits: clubs for workers, factories-kitchens, the New Tretyakov gallery, the Le Corbusier house

The avarage tour's duration: 4-8 hours

That's our exclusive arcchitect tour in English, Spanish, Portuguese or German language. 

The winter Moscow

In winter many foreigners are afraid to come to Moscow because of ''awful frosts''. However, the cultural life of Moscow is at its most active precisely during the winter, and the hotel pricing offers are very good value at this time of year. Skating on the Patriarch's Ponds, making a snowman, feeling a real bliss after a cup of hot tea drunk outdoors in freezing temperatures, visiting the best expositions and theatrical productions – you will experience them all when you decide to come to Moscow in winter.

The literary Moscow

Chekhov and TolstoyPouchkine house in the Old Arbat street

Moscow is the undisputed literary capital of Russia. Together we will discover the world of Moscow writers, thinkers and artists. Includes visits to the house museums of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Stanislavsky, Pushkin.

The avarage duration of the excursion: 4-8 hours.

Discover the Russian artists history with your local Moscow guide in ENglish, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Underground Moscow

Moscow Metro Tour in English, Spanish and Portuguesethe Historical Moscow Metro Tour in English, Spanish and PortugueseMoscow Metro Tour in English, Spanish and PortugueseMoscow Metro Tour in English, Spanish and PortugueseMoscow Metro Tour in English, Spanish and Portuguese

The metro of the Russian capital is a real achievement of the Soviet epoch. Our program includes visiting different stations, history of the metro, discovering of secret ways and different designations of this great structure.

Avarage duration: 1 hour

You can include this visit into the main program with a local guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese or German.