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Our advantages

The translation company IdeaConsult is led by translators with many years of experience, who understand all the specificities and nuances of translation work.
On the commercial side, we co-operate closely with many business clients, and this longstanding intimacy has allowed us to form a full understanding our customers' needs.

We have built a strategy that aims towards building long-term relationships, and this approach dictates the benefits we offer:

Fair and transparent pricing

Many translation bureaux initially quote a low price for translations (300 rubles for 1 translated page, etc).
But in reality, this increases during the evaluation of the text for translation, or even worse – during the process of translation, after you've sent the down payment! You'll often hear that your text:

  1. Contains specific vocabulary and narrow terminology (the price goes up by 100-150%);
  2. Needs a proof-reading by an editor (plus 30%);
  3. Cannot be completed in due time at the standard translation speed of 5-8 pages per day (they'll set an extra 100% charge for urgent orders);
  4. Is presented in a specific format (other than a Word document): a hand-written text, scan, picture, .psd, .pdf etc (incurring an extra charge of up to 50%).

As a result, the actual cost of the translation is several times what you were quoted. Customers waste a lot of time and effort dealing with these dishonest methods. 
We find this approach and attitude to customers unacceptable.  
We guarantee honest pricing for quality work. From the very beginning we evaluate your text taking into account all your goals, the field of application, the timeframe and any other criteria. 

And this is why our clients co-operate with us for many years.

We work with different fields of application, offering an interdisciplinary approach

Our team combines translators specializing in different fields, including legal, technical and economic translation. Thanks to this, we can work on any type of translation. If necessary, translators work jointly on a specific task.  This is often required for interdisciplinary texts.


We reward our long-term customers with additional benefits.  These include reduced prices for our typical translation models, urgent translations without extra charges and other bonuses. 

The ability to offer these benefits is a natural outcome of our co-operation. Regular orders in familiar fields and formats make our job simpler, which allows us to execute these orders faster, more cheaply and at a higher quality.