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Additional services

You will often need more than just translation to achieve your goal of doing business abroad.  We offer a range of extra services to help you. For example, you will often want to send commercial proposals that look as if they were written by a native speaker (so you'll need proofreading and copyediting by a native speaker), or to prepare of a set of documents for an agreement abroad (legalization of documents).

Proofreading/redaction by a native speaker

Proofreading/redaction by a native speaker means that the text will be handled by a specialist having the target language as mother tongue. No matter how professional a translator is, a foreign reader will always notice whether the text is authentic or if it sounds like it's been translated. 
When ordering a translation from our company, you can be sure that the exact meaning will be rendered correctly and the terminology checked thoroughly. But only a native speaker can select the nuances, exact phrases and word structures suited to the particular context. This makes the translation 100% equivalent to the original, not only on the semantic level, but also stylistically.
In some situations there is high demand for the service of proofreading by a native speaker: for achieving mutual understanding with a foreign partner, for the business reputation of your company, for a successful sale of services to potential foreign clients, etc.    

These are the situations when the text should look authentic from the point of view of a native speaker, and not give the impression of being a translated text: your commercial proposal, presentation, website content, advertizing brochures, etc must all sound completely natural. 

Widespread mistakes in delivering such a service can lead to poor results. We want you to take the following mistakes into account:

  1. The work is only given to a native speaker to check the text for mistakes (orthographic, semantic, and punctuation).
    This is the wrong approach: it is extremely important that the editor understands and feels the style of your text, any meaningful accents, the set goal and the target audience. Otherwise the proofreading becomes merely a check for mistakes without any comprehensive editorial work.
  2. The work of editing and proofreading is given to a non-professional – to any native speaker. Many people think that anyone can do proofreading so long as they have the target language as their mother tongue.  
    This is an important mistake: the editor should have the appropriate style and be familiar with the terminology and concepts used in the field of application. In other words, he should be a professional editor in his mother tongue. Such a specialist knows how to choose the right wording and intonation, and will always take the field of translation and the cultural linguistic environment of a given language into consideration. 

We only collaborate with professional editors as native speakers.
You can request a translation followed by proofreading by a native speaker, or submit a completed translation for poofreading.
The price of this service depends on the quality of the initial translation. When you order a translation with proofreading from us, the price rarely exceeds 50% above the standard price. In all other cases an evaluation of the initial translation is required.

Send us your order, and we will reply to you shortly regarding the timeframe and the price of the work.

Notarial certification

If it is necessary to confirm the authenticity of translation, we deal with the notarial certification of the translations made by specialists of IdeaConsult.
Notarial certification is required by many governmental agencies.
Thanks to long-term collaboration with a range of notary offices in Moscow we will provide the notarial certification of the translation as quickly as possible, so that this process does not influence the overall time taken to provide the service.

Legalization (apostille, consulate legalization, legalization in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation)

Legalization of documents is essential to give them a legal effect abroad. When our partners operate outside the Russian Federation, in addition to translation services, they often need legalization of the documents issued on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Translation Company IdeaConsult offers all the types of legalization:

  1. Apostille: stamping «Apostille» (apostilization) for documents to be sent to to the countries who have been members of the Hague Convention since October 5, 1961.
  2. Consulate legalization:when the destination country is not a member of the Hague Convention.
  3. Certification in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation: used for a range of documents of a commercial character (contracts, invoices) in external economic relations, followed by certification in the consulate of the destination country.

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