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The unit of account is a standard page of translated text (1800 characters with with spaces).

Our price includes:

  • estimation of translation parameters and timeframe;
  • cost of work of a professional translator specializing in the necessary field;
  • editorial proof-reading;
  • minimal execution time.

Important: You can be sure that there will be no extra charges for urgency, particularities of the field of application or the need for redaction. The set prices are final and transparent.

The tariffs per page are indicated in the following table of rates:

Languages General translation Specialized translation
Irrespective of volume Number of pages for translation per month
< 100 pages from 100 to 300 pages > 300 pages
from 350 rur. 950 rur. 900 rur. 800 rur.
from 400 rur. 1000 rur. 950 rur. 850 rur.
Other languages from 450 rur. 1050 rur. 1000 rur. 900 rur.


  • for regular partners we set individual prices;
  • the exact price is always set before the start of translation process;
  • fwe also offer a range of additional services to make your life easier.

Send us your text for translation and get our offer in no time.