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Fields of translation

Our company is a specialized translation bureau. Our translators have worked with different subjects for many years.  This allows us to carry out translations in various areas and guarantee you that the translation will be carried out with a nuanced understanding of its meaning and sphere of usage. 

At the heart of our work is the correct translation of terms in particular fields of application and language systems. The same word or phrase can have a totally different meaning in another dialect or field of application. The terminology of various branches of law and economic activities (financial specialists, traders, marketers) is strictly respected and checked in our translation work. 

We mainly specialize in:

Legal translation (translation of contracts, agreements, laws and regulations, statutory acts, etc.)

A translator of legal documents should not only possess the necessary terminology, but also understand the particularities of legal systems in different countries. They must find the correct concepts in the target language, and take into account the differences in institutes of law in the document's country of origin.

Legal translation does not allow approximation or inaccuracy, as any mistake in the translation of a contract, certificate, license or another document can lead to its nullity, disrupt a business process or cause a wrong decision.

Trust our professionals with your legal translation. We guarantee our specialists will show consideration and understanding of the peculiarities of legal translation.

We work with:

  • translations of contracts and agreements (employment contracts, purchase orders, agreements of sale and purchase, credit and bank agreements, service agreements, etc.);
  • translation of statutory acts, licenses, by-laws, decrees, certificates, permits, extracts from USRLE;
  • translation of accounting and tax accounts (declarations, VAT, personal income tax, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow reports, audit reports and certificates, etc.);
  • translation of laws and regulations and regulatory acts;
  • translation of  title establishing documents (licenses, power of attorney, permits).

While translating a legal document we consider the specificities of legal systems and legislations in particular countries, and different connotations of terms in the given languages. This is essential to ensure a high quality of translation and for avoiding mistakes. Our translators consult legal experts while translating a legal text.

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Technical translation

This type of translation requires high translating skills and the ability to convey the exact meaning of a document. Low quality translation of manuals, specifications and other technical documents is widespread. Many of these translations are performed by machine translation software, so they lack the correct rendering of the meaning of words and terms. Such work is unacceptable as it hurts the supplier's reputation and may lead to end user mistakes when operating the equipment/appliance.

Our translators are highly experienced in technical translations, including:

  • translations of manuals, operating procedures, schemas, user guides for household appliances or equipment;
  • translations of specifications, certificates and technical descriptions;
  • translations of scientific literature and articles;
  • translations of patents, technical descriptions and drafts and patent applications;
  • translations in different fields and branches: mechanical engineering, household appliances, IT, telecommunications, car manufacturing, construction.

While working with technical translations we use our regularly updated database of terms and their equivalents, as well as the database of exemplary translations in various fields. Thanks to this we can ensure the high quality of technical translations and constantly improve the level of quality.

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Business/economic translations

Business expansions, entrants into new markets, and interaction with international partners require clear and intelligible communication in other languages.

For many years we have been helping our partners with translations of important business documents.

  • translations of business plans and commercial offers;
  • translations of marketing texts and presentations;
  • translations of advertizing brochures and leaflets;
  • translations of reviews and analyses of goods and services markets;
  • translations of catalogues of products, goods and services;
  • translations of minutes of the meetings, letters of intent and agreements.

Our goals while translating an economic or a business text are to effectively contribute to the gathering and analysis of important information for business decisions; to facilitate understanding between business partners, and to ensure a timely exchange of information.

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Literary translation

While translating literary texts, in addition to rendering the exact meaning, the translator should be skilled in rendering the peculiarities of the genre, the « presentation » of the text, and the author’s vocabulary and style.

Our translators have authored many translations of fiction and non-fiction, critical essays, and works in various genres (romances, fantasy, detective stories, novels).

We carry out the literary translation of the following types:

  • literary translation of works of literature (romances, short stories, novels);
  • literary translation of dramatic works (plays, scripts, synopses, screenplays);
  • literary translation of journalism (critics, memoires, articles, biographies of famous political figures, businessmen and artists);
  • literary translation of television proposals, scripts, clips, TV series.

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Website translation

If you need a high quality translation of your company’s website (corporate website) or your project/service (forum, community-site, user service, product or service website), our specialists are at your service. We have successfully completed more than 100 translations of websites into Russian, and from Russian to foreign languages.

A professionally translated website is a very important element in the success of your project. The translation of a website is often entrusted to unspecialized translators, without paying attention to specificities and levels of this work.  This wastes time and money because their results are always disappointing.

When you order a website translation from our company, you will not only get a professionally executed translation, but also help in localization of the site.  This includes adaptation of the website's textual and graphic content to optimize them for the target audience. The translation of the website normally requires comprehensive work, going beyond the normal requirements of text translation. If you require, we can also help with other aspects:

  • screening of essential key words and search queries by native speakers of the target language;
  • searching for tags and meta-tags in target language for all pages of your website;
  • search engine optimization for your website (Google, Yandex, Yahoo);
  • translation of support information, attributes of graphic elements, forms and windows of the site (user’s  perception of your website depends on these elements to the same extent as on the main text content, so this also and requires a quality translation).

NB: we work with different materials while translating websites (HTML, PHP, XML) to ensure that the translation results in a format you can work with conveniently in future.

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