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Consultation services

Have you ever sent a request to any of the major international consulting companies?  They typically leave you waiting a few weeks before replying with a preliminary consulting plan, even for the simplest, most standard issues. Then you need to send a preliminary payment before they'll give your request any further consideration.

Contacting IdeaConsult is different - you won't have to pay us an ''admission price'' like that of around €5.000 for the ''primary examination of the request'' or €2.000 for a specialist's ''primary phone consultation''

We reply promptly, clearly and with maximum efficiency to any request falling within the framework of services we offer.

Our company primarily focuses on servicing small and medium-sized business enterprises with concise needs.  This rarely involves sophisticated multilevel schemes, registration of companies in offshore jurisdictions for optimization of taxes, or other exotic ways to conduct business.
However, we would naturally be glad to see major businesses represented among our clients.

We proceed from the assumption that in most cases a simple and transparent structure is the best option, allowing our clients to save time and avoid excessive expenditure.

We provide services in the following areas:

"Turnkey" companies registration

Registration/founding of turnkey companies includes:

  • assistance in selecting office premises;
  • opening of a bank account for introduction of the share capital;
  • assistance in drawing up and submission of the full set of documents needed for registration;
  • fulfillment of post-registration formalities: registration in extra-budgetary funds, assistance in obtaining the permits/licenses required to perform their business activities;

We also provide services in the area of registering modifications to already-registered statutory documents, including preparation of such modifications as well as making a ''registration file'' and tracking the formalities in state registration authorities.

Obtaining of work permits and procuring of visas for foreign employees

Obtaining work permits and procuring visas for foreign citizens arriving in Russia with the purpose of performing professional or business activities.

Our aim: we undertake to dispatch all issues related to the employment and hiring procedures of foreign employees, and we select the most convenient options for your situation.

We render services related to obtaining work permits in compliance with both standard procedure and specific simplified procedures, such as for highly qualified specialists.

NB The amount of remuneration a highly qualified specialist receives must be at least 2 million RUR per year. In addition, a highly qualified specialist must present themselves  to the relevant authorities in person in order to obtain the permit.

Obtaining of a work permit within the frameworks of the standard procedure:

  • receiving a quota
  • receiving the Employment Center decision
  • obtaining of a general authorization to employ foreign citizens
  • obtaining of an individual work permit for the foreign citizen

Obtaining of work permits for highly qualified specialists:

  • obtaining of a work permits for highly qualified specialist

Visas and invitations:

  • accreditation in the Federal Migration Service (FMS),
  • obtaining of invitations for procurement of business and work visas,
  • obtaining of work multi-visas for foreign employees.

We will help you to puzzle out the tangles of Russian migration legislation and pick the options giving your project the best advantages.

Bookkeeping services

Accounting services: it is not always convenient to maintain your own accounting department, especially in the initial stages of launching a business or project. In these circumstances our outsourcing services allow you to save money on your accounting costs , without any losses in terms of quality.  Accounting can't be avoided altogether - it's compulsory in Russia, including for ''dormant'' companies.

Market analysis

Acquisition of information regarding to potential partners from open databases and drawing-up of analytical reports. Prior to signing a contract or launching a joint project, it's best to make a few enquiries on your future partner to assess the prospects for co-operation and avoid any ''surprises''.

Our company offers an information acquisition and aggregation service. We collect data from many open sources (such as state registers, etc.); this data lets you know how long your partner's company has existed, where it is registered, which licenses it holds, and further legal and financial information.

A consolidated analytical report may be drawn up in Russian or in another language